SECO, means 'dry' in Spanish.   A 'seco' landscape will include elements that require little or no water; Low-water plantings, Artificial turf, Patios/Shade covers.  Dry is the new Beautiful in Southern California.  Sustainable, beautiful, low-maintenance drought-tolerant landscaping is arguably the most appropriate for our San Diego County yards and landscapes. 

San Diego is at the end of the water-supply 'pipe'. Water shortages have arrived, water prices will likely continue to rise.  Investing in a beautiful, low-water landscape now is a winner (like buying a Tech stock at the IPO). 

Today's landscaping is literally a 'living performance art':  it makes sense, adds increasing value, and provides remarkable richness and appeal to your home environment for years to come.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  One rarely shops for professional landscaping, so the idea of landscaping may seem simple & foolproof.  (Sigh)  Poor design, wrong materials, faulty construction, bad communication or workmanship... you've heard all these stories, or worse.  

It is important to find the best professionals, and start your project off right.  That makes your landscape project, from the design, thru the installation, to the outcome and your experience all fantastic.

Begin with a Plan, and your project is guaranteed to be a winner.  We cannot stress that enough.  Work in cooperation with a Landscape Designer who understands your needs, has real-world experience in design, maintenance, and installation.  Your best result comes from starting with getting your desires into the landscape design by a qualified professional.

We are blessed with a unique Coastal Southern California outdoor environment:  Comfortable, cool-to-warm temperatures, too-little rain (most years), few bugs/pests and fantastic air quality.   With the right new landscape project you will enjoy more time outdoors with family and friends,  surrounded by your beautiful custom-designed environment. 

The right thing to do.  Saving water is not only good for the pocketbook, it's necessary for our environment.  Beauty AND low-water can happen in your yard!

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